Terms of Service for Deck Developers


The Deck Developer agrees that all content, including images and text, is wholly owned and used with written permission by the original owner or creator. The Deck Developer further agrees to provide proof of ownership and rights at the request of You're On Deck.

Any material sold on You're On Deck's "Marketplace" may be deemed inappropriate at the discretion of You're On Deck if it is not considered appropriate for ALL audiences.

The Deck Developer should provide samples before the application process if there are concerns over what is "appropriate" by using our contact page. 

Special discounts provided by the Deck Developer will be provided entirely by the Deck Developer.

You're On Deck will provide payments in the form of a company check or PayPal payments. PayPal services will be classified as "services rendered." The Deck Developer is responsible for all PayPal fees. A check issued from You're on Deck has no fees attached. All monthly payments will be issued by the fifth following month (e.g., "Deck Developers" will receive their payment for all sales made during January by February 5th).

The "bonus" calculation resets at the first of each month.